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3 Powerful Tips for Blogging Beginners to Achieve Success in Short Time

Who doesn’t like to become successful in the field of blogging?

For many, it could be reaching out to the right set of the audience or getting more traffic or become popular or it could be as simple as making enough money to pay your few bills. For me, it’s helping my readers to become their own boss. It is the effort that you put in the initial days of blogging that defines how faster you could reach the heights of success. Today’s post is for anyone who already started a blog or for the one who wants to start a blog. Here I’m sharing 3 powerful tips that could help you reach your blogging goal in record time.

This tip is in the form of video & I recorded this as a message for a group of bloggers meeting for a blogging event in Guwahati, India.

Summary of Powerful Tips for Beginners Bloggers:

If you focus solely on these 3 points in the initial days of blogging, your career as a blogger or even as an internet entrepreneur would skyrocket. So what are those three things?

Your Basic Foundation:

Everyone wants traffic but they don’t want to spend time learning about SEO, Social Media marketing. Everyone wants to be a successful blogger but how could you be one when you don’t know how to write well. If you spend your initial few months of blogging honing these basic skills of Writing, SEO, Social media marketing; these skills will work as a foundation for your success when you grow. Especially when your blog starts growing & a time would come when luck alone wouldn’t be enough. That’s the time when these basic skills would help your grow your blog at an exponential rate.

Someone asked me what book I should read to learn about writing?

My suggestion is to start by reading AdWeek Copywriting ebook. For SEO & SocialMedia marketing browse the free archive of ShoutMeLoud.


“Be the change you want to see in the world”

That’s a very powerful quote by Mahatma Gandhi. How often you meet people who lie to you or to others? After a while is int it easy to spot these lies?

Well, blogging is a tool by which you express yourself to the world. It could be in the form of text, video, audio or any other. The thing is. when you are honest, your reach increases. People like honest people & being honest also improves your quality of thinking & sharing. Being honest also meant you are compassion & empathic about people’s need. Well, even if you have lied in the past to survive when you start blogging; you should leave all the lies behind. Blogging is not for your family, friends or for anyone else but you. We blog because it’s our space & help us to reach the like-minded people like us from the every part of this globe.

Next time when you create a new piece of content, stay honest. Staying honest won’t make your article boring, it would just make it more interesting & most importantly; authentic. However, to make your writing powerful, you can pick few of my tricks from here.

Staying honest start from not lying to yourself. For example, if you say to yourself that you would wake up in the morning with alarm, you do that. There will be no more 5 minutes or 10 more minutes of extra sleep. If you say that you would get something done; you would do that. This means saying no to many unwanted things & becoming true to yourself. This forms the foundation of making you a better person too.

Dedication & focus:

3 Powerful Tips for Blogging Beginners to Achieve Success in Short Time

Do you remember how you used to become at exams time? You forget about everything else but the exams. Dedication & focus is the key ingredients for becomin successful in anything in your life. For the next 3-4 months forget everything else in your life. Have a dedication like a monk & focus solely on your blog. Learn, Practice, Implement, Improvise. Give 4 months of your dedicated time & I promise your blog would be making enough to help you live a decent life. This applies to anyone who doesn’t even know anything about blogging or good at writing.

Climbing the mountain of success is easy only if you constantly work towards it. It doesn’t require you to leave everything behind but what it requires is your full dedication, honesty & mindset to learn. Are you ready to lay the foundation of your success in blogging? Would you be dedicating only few months of your life for a glorious future?

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3 Powerful Tips for Blogging Beginners to Achieve Success in Short Time is a post from ShoutMeLoud - Shouters Who Inspires

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Christmas in July: Get Free ConvertKit Email Marketing Tool [Limited Time] is a post from ShoutMeLoud - Shouters Who Inspires